Changes to the Shared Ownership application process 

The Shared Ownership application process will be changing from the 20th March 2023.


As you may know, currently, if you wish to apply for a Shared Ownership home you must fill out an application form on the Help to Buy website here.

However, from the 20th of March, this application process will change. Instead of going through the Help to Buy Agent 1 website, you must go through our website to apply for one of our homes: 

From the 1st of April, the Help to Buy website will no longer exist, so please note that from this date you will no longer receive any communication from the site. In its absence, you can visit the GOV.UK site to find out about Shared Ownership. 

Torus Homes will host their own application form and process from the 20th of March 2023. 

The application form is necessary to check that applicants are eligible to become a Shared Owner. Find the criteria here.

Why Shared Ownership? 

Shared Ownership is one of the government’s Help to Buy schemes whereby customers can purchase a share of a property from a landlord, or housing association, rather than purchasing a house outright. This is a more affordable way to purchase a home as in most cases, your deposit to buy a shared ownership home and your mortgage (if one is necessary) will be significantly lower than if you bought your home outright. With shared Ownership, you will have to pay a rental fee on the share you do not own, this can be calculated at 2.75% of the unsold equity – ask the Sales Team for further details. 

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